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A history of creative and craftmanship

My next chapter was a venture into the world of location-based entertainment. This industry combines creative story telling, cutting edge technology, and physical locations. As CEO, I oversaw the financial raise, creative development, construction, and operations of an innovative concept called The Department of Wonder. This 10,000 SqFt, mixed-reality immersive entertainment venue combines Disney like sets, props, and environments and augments the fantastic setting with the latest and greatest digital and interactive technology.


The Department of Wonder journey reignited my love for architecture and design and the art of creating something physical. Longtime friends and now partners, Chuck and Trish Keeter, presented me with a unique opportunity, and I jumped at the chance to transition my decades of creative craftsmanship to the residential sector. Our clients experience a level of quality that's unmatched in the remodeling community. We look forward to helping bring your dreams to reality. 

Raised in the West Texas town of Abilene, I studied Architecture and Construction Science at the University of Texas A&M. The world of high-end computer graphics caught my eye, and I decided to continue my education at the University of Southern California's infamous School of Cinema. I received a master’s degree in animation and went to work at my dream job at Industrial Light and Magic on the reimagination of a storied franchise - Star Wars. This was the start of a 25-year career in animation and digital media where I served in roles ranging from artist/craftsman to CEO. I've been at the center of creating and producing films, commercials, video games and virtual reality experiences at the highest industry standards for clients and partners such as Warner Brothers, DreamWorks, American Express, Disney, GMC, AT&T, and the NBA. These high-profile projects and customers demanded excellence in creativity, process, communications, innovation, and fiscal oversight. 

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